For awhile I’ve been thinking about how to “package” my nutrition consulting to better fit my clients needs. As a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, you’ve heard me say it again and again—to lose weight, both diet and exercise are important. However, you can't outrun a poor diet. Tired of trying to figure out the best diet for you and want to find a better way of eating for long-term weight loss? YOU are who I created this plan for!

Here’s an outline of the process, so you have a better idea of what to expect…

30-Day Nutrition Clean-Up & Slim-Down package:

  • After registering, I ask you to complete the required health history info, submit a 3-day food log, and schedule our first Skype call.

  • During your first 1:1 Skype session (60 minutes), we will take a deeper dive into your relationship with food and develop nutrition & lifestyle goals to work towards. You will leave with a plan in place and steps to start taking toward eating better.

  • Accountability and support available via text/email on a weekly basis (or daily if needed).

  • Check-in during your second 1:1 Skype session (30-45 minutes) to see how things are going, make tweaks on meal plans based on your feedback.

  • Final 1:1 Skype session (15-20 minutes) to review success, plan next steps for progress or maintenance. Receive and review your "Completion Package" full of example exercises and nutrition tips.

Ongoing support is important when healing your relationship with food or starting your journey toward overall better health. During your Skype coaching sessions, you will receive individualized support for whatever barriers you are facing. I know it’s not always just about the food and will help you delve into the habits and beliefs that hold you back from feeling and living your best life.

If interested in finding out more, please reach out to me. If you’re ready to make a change, you can purchase the 30-Day Nutrition Plan here.

-Coach C