Prepare for a healthy holiday season

And so it begins…the holiday season! For as much joy as that brings, it also means it’s time to figure out a strategy to enjoy the holidays without putting on additional, unwanted weight. Here are a few suggestions to help prepare and keep yourself in check this holiday season…

Clean out your kitchen

Eliminate the junk and stock up on healthy fuel. You cannot have a house filled with tempting foods and expect success. First, you need to eliminate anything that is likely to trigger you to slip up. For me, it’s those yummy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! So…throw out that bag of chips you’ve been eating your way through…and that carton of ice cream in the freezer that’s been calling your name…get it out!

Restock to better prepare

After purging your kitchen of the unhealthy foods, stock it with everything you need to be successful — get in the habit of being prepared! The key to success is to be prepared ahead of time. Do not leave your nutrition to chance. Try packing a cooler with ice and healthy snacks the next time you’re going to the in-laws for the holidays. It’s about building good habits. 

Get focused

Psych yourself up to take on this holiday season with every possible advantage. You’ve worked hard all year for your results, so don’t let poor planning and sneaky cheats & treats take that away from you!

-Coach C