4 Ways to Ease Fitness Into Your Next Business Trip

You've worked really hard to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into your weekly routine, so what happens to that routine when you travel? For most of us it goes out the window! Before you go out of town again, read these 4 tips on how to incorporate fitness into your next business trip.

  1. Plan for Your Layovers – Most people these days bring a carry–on suitcase for air travel. This is a super easy way to stash your walking or running shoes so the next time you have time to kill waiting for your flight, you can get your steps in by walking the airport terminal. Even on days you can’t exercise, staying active keeps you from sliding backward on your fitness goals.

  2. Focus on Your Food – When traveling to new or exciting cities for work, it can be easy to view business trips as meal "treat days" allowing yourself to slack on your regular fitness regimen and diet. The key to success here is to remember that these days are just regular work days, not vacations, so you should plan to eat normally. All restaurants have protein (meats) and veggies so there should NEVER be a reason not to eat with your health goals in mind. Save your treat meals for something special.

  3. Use What You Have – Business travelers usually travel light, so carting around heavy exercise equipment is not going to work. Don’t over complicate your workouts. A 10 minute bodyweight exercise and high-intensity cardio set (think squats and burpees) done in your hotel room can be as effective as a 45 min workout at the gym.

  4. Don’t forget YOU – Just because you’re out of your normal environment doesn’t mean you should forget about the same rules that apply at home—like staying active, maintaining your diet, and getting regular sleep. If it makes it easier, buy groceries and have them in your hotel room as snacks to decrease food temptation or to avoid eating out for every single meal. And remember, every night is NOT Friday night when traveling for business, so go easy on the after-work drinks and fill up on water.

-Coach C